Best Viewing Procedures for FSBO Properties

When you ask a realtor to sell your home, then you have to go along with the viewing procedures followed by that realtor. If the realtor wants to hold an open house on a particular day, then you need to get out of the home at an established time on that day. You expect the realtor to monitor the comings and goings of the people who come to view your home.

If, however, you decide to put an “FSBO” sign on your property, then you, the seller choose whether or not to schedule a viewing for your property. If you want to find a buyer, then you generally need to agree to allow each potential seller to view the property on which you have placed an FSBO sign. If you have arranged for a potential seller to come and look at your home, then you need to follow a few common sense rules.

FSBO Procedure

FSBO Procedure

First, make sure that you put all of your valuables in a secure location. If you have a safe deposit box, then transfer your valuables to that secure spot. Remember, you and not a realtor are responsible for those valuables. You can not turn for help to a realtor, in the event that a less than desirable person has requested and obtained permission to view your home.

When scheduling a time for a potential buyer to view your home, pick a time when there will be at least two adults in the residence. While you do not need to have two people show the home, it is good to let any potential buyer see that the seller is not “home alone.”

Take the time to open your blinds and curtains before each viewing. In that way, you diminsh chances that any potential buyer might try to perform an unscrupulous act while in your home.

Never agree to allow a potential buyer in your home without an appointment. That rule must be enforced with greatest vigilance after dark. It should not be hard to back up any demand that a potential buyer view you home during the day. All of the features on any home show up best during daylight hours. You should always have a flyer avalilable for the buyer to study, until he or she can schedule a daylight visit.

If you decide to put an FSBO sign on your home, do not think that you need to follow every one of the procedures that is followed by the typical realtor. You should not plan to have an open house viewing. Realtors have made a point of scheduling open house viewings so that they can better share with other realtors the information about any home that is listed by the associated agency.

Moreover, research has shown that a number of buyers become frustrated when they attend an open house, They often find it difficult to approach the seller with an important question. In addition, an open house in a home can act like an invitation to burglers.