How to Take Great Outside Photos of Your Home

When you have decided to sell your house yourself, FSBO, the photographs that you post with your listing will be extremely important. One bad photo can prompt a potential buyer to skip over to the next listing. You will want each picture to be intriguing, showing off your house in a great light and prompting the potential buyers to click away at all photos and then read the details of your posting. This guideline will talk about how to take excellent photos of the outside of your house in order to maximize the amount of traffic that stays looking at your listing.

Photos of Your Home

Photos of Your Home

While the inside of your home is important, never underestimate the outside. While potential buyers will want the inside to fit their living needs, the outside speaks volumes. The exterior of your home represents who lives inside of it. The average person takes between 1 and 3 seconds to decide if a home is a possibility just by looking at the first outside photograph. Therefore, let’s take a detailed look at how to take photographs of the outside of your home that will draw people in.

Remember that your exterior shots will also include your yard and property. This is especially important for buyers with children and those with dogs. If you have a good sized yard, show it off. Just as you would do with the interior, you will want to remove any clutter. It is acceptable to show an outdoor swing set, it is not going to play in your favor to have children’s toys scattered all over the yard! Think “clean”; this means having the grass cut short, trimming around the edges, removing any weeds from flower beds, etc. If you have hardscape, such as a pool or sundeck, be sure to take photos of those as well. In regard to any deck area, it is alright to have a patio set in the shot, as long as it is sparkling clean. If your umbrella has seen better days, it will be best to remove it before you begin taking snapshots.

The best time of the day to take photos will be between 10 AM and 2 PM, when the sun is at its strongest. You will also want to make sure that no one inside of the home is peaking out of the windows! Many sellers do not even think about this until the photos are posted and they then notice that Aunt Mary can be seen vacuuming through the living room window.

As you may have guessed, waiting for a bright sunny day will be in your best interest. You will not want to have any outside photos that show gray sky or impending rain. Another tip is that you may want to take a long shot that shows the entire house and to make sure that your “For sale by Owner” lawn sign shows in the photo. This reminds potential buyers that there is competition for the house and that they are not the only ones who may be interested. This prompts people to think about asking for an in person showing.